excerpt 4:00 min
27:00 min | HD | mono | 2011
director | editor | producer | sound: Mandy Krebs
camera: Felix Pötzsch

Half-height plants in seemingly endless rows.
H.1 was shot in a greenhouse growing peppers for the wholesale market. The camera moves slowly along the aligned rows of the plants. Unlike in nature, the vegetables cannot develop freely in space. They are pressed into a predetermined structure. Standardized in height, width and depth. Thus they cannot be distinguished from each other. Only the people who are moving in irregular intervals between the rows or drive on devices through the image, disrupt the symmetry of the serial structure. The greenhouse presents itself as a hall, that in its shape, size and use, appears to be more an industrial production facility than a shelter for cold sensitive plants.

// Sarah Kristin Happersberger

City Clips, Daïmôn, Gatineau, Canada

nature on/off, Kunsthistorisches Institut Universität Osnabrück, Germany

Marl Media Art Award (nominated), Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Germany

Wilhelmstraße59, Braunschweig, Germany