w starym Zoo

excerpt 2:24 min
24:45 min | 4k | cinemascope | stereo | 2015
director | producer | editing: Mandy Krebs
camera: Anna Motzel
camera assistant: Sarah Handelmann
sound: Jan Schunk
cast: Sally Musleh Jaber, Mario Mentrup
language: german with subtitles (en)

„w starym Zoo“ takes place in an old zoological site. A space that simultaneously visualizes the condition of slow decay and blossoming nature. In this romantic, but also absurd environment, a conversation between two people emerge about the character of modern cities, marketing strategies and the affects to the population.

What is the role of the construction and graphical urban landscape in the competition among different cities? Is there a need to find new approaches in order to understand the inner logic of urban space? What are the key question in the development of historically grown cities in relation to current trends in modern architecture?

While walking through the site, the protagonists examines a variation European examples. Among others they discuss the process of the finding for a new slogan for Berlin, the strategic placement of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and pick up on the current debate about the German „Altstadt.“

VKratze!, Volgograd, Russia

Krebs, Mandy, Folgendes, HFBK Hamburg, Germany
Komma, Kunstverein Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen, Germany